Story Telling

Building a brand has never been more easy. So it seems. True, today we can easily set up a company and and market its brand on social media. We can also very easily find people anywhere in the world who might want to buy our product or service. But good branding that builds lasting and trusting relationships needs more than just quick sales.

You need an outstanding product and/or service. But to reallybuild a strong brand you also need innovative and captivating story telling. People want to know who they support with their money. Who are they buying from is more important than ever. And it is simpler than ever to reach out to potential customers and clients through various vertical media. This is where we come in.

We take you and your brand to new horizons. Everyone has got their story to tell and we will tell it for you. We conceptualize the story of you and your brand and enthrall your audience. With our help you will no longer just sell a product or a service but provide a riveting experience that captivates the imagination of your audience. Get in touch now via email to j.niederhauser (at) and let’s grow your brand and let’s tell your story together. We will use social media like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and especially your own website presence to increase your brand value and connect people with your ideas. We set up a company blog where you share company insights tailored to your audience. For reference please see the blog of the sustainable fashion label Life Tree from Germany.

We have worked with ARTE and BR on the web documentary “DoNotTrack” and have been featured in major German news outlets including sternDeutsche WelleHuffington Post, and Sueddeutsche Zeitung

We also build and operate affiliate websites like  where we inform parents about new smart products for children. We also work together with the international Vintage Clothing Franchise ONIMOS on various projects regarding their story telling activities on social media and beyond.

If you want fast and unorganic – quick and dirty – growth of your audience we are not right for you. We build lasting relationships and focus on organic and real audience building. For meaningful relationships and experiences that last and connect your customers and clients on a deep level.

For reference please visit some of the Instagram accounts and blogs we have enviosioned and built:

Life Tree — sustainable fashion label from Germany. Follow this link for their blog (in German).

Onimos Vintage — vintage fashion brand with stores in Germany and London.

Klasse 4 Dental Tech — dental tech company from Germany

John Vouloir — country singer from London.

European Philosophy — courses on philosophy

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