Some love poems and some poems of despair (1)

a selection of despair, and love.

LOVE (‘The putz’)

When you look at me
whatever it is that is in your face
I want.

Is it the resistance your other lover would show to these things?
The putz
who bought these shoes:

who bought the shoes you kick off for me?


DESPAIR (‘Housman’)

i want to be a different thing
wholly other than myself –
i list the labs and cults to ring
on a thumbdrive on that shelf;

but worry – the thing is done,
and a further self i want;
or useless, i won’t be the one
wanted the original want.

then is there, i half inquire,
a different thing to be,
if craving that with base desire
is inherent in me


LOVE (‘Unpissed’)

Eyes were all I laid on her,
Eyes I couldn’t take off,
The words there had no mouth for her:
Mouths cough.

These that stay are my hands
And asking not to move
And never to touch are my hands:
My love.

DESPAIR (‘Rand on Thames’)

‘… the shiftless / orders of fools …’

In loafing queues the jobless take
money off ambition, whose Insane Hours
humiliate inadequates and make
this spectacle of lessers milking us –

bossily by way of HM state –
a standing affront: let go as unfit
the shiftless if the ripstop won’t inflate –
all toiling suits of Etonian grit,

bright-buttoned chaps of civilising days,
the perfect bounders who were Britain’s grace!


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