Mirror Mirror


Seeing you is like seeing a mirror, I see the reflection of my own self. One of my selves. A long forgotten one.

Love and hate rise at the same time. Yet it is my own ambivalence that repulses me.

My own thought, my mind, my will. A sense of disgust.

They cannot help following every grin and grimace you made, each reciprocation is received by a full and fragile heart. A smile or kiss is needed, just like sun and water to flowers.

However, as I look closer into your eyes, I see my own image encircled, duplicated, ridiculed.

The good thing is that you seem to never notice the folly and irrationality.

You love me unconditionally because…..

Because you are me?

As I stare into your eyes, I fall for it. I see myself. I fall for myself.

The uncanny familiarity that I found in you, was me. You, are me.

Just as Narcissus was attracted by Nemesis to the water, I chose you because you were my reflection.

I fell for you because we were images of the same idea.

Because I am Narcissus.

Or am I?

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